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Le tour des fibres textiles : qu'est-ce que la laine ?

Parmi les fibres textiles, la laine est peut-être celle qui intrigue le plus. Matière naturelle, durable et locale, cette ressource occupe une place à part dans l’industrie textile, offrant une richesse de textures, de chaleur et de confort inégalée. Apprenez à connaître cette matière d’exception à travers son histoire, les différents types de laine utilisés, et l’impact environnemental de son industrie.

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The tour of textile fibers: plant fibers

Organic cotton, linen or hemp, vegetable textile fibers are widely used in the textile industry. Unfortunately, often we know little about production methods, their intrinsic qualities and their impact. Find out everything you need to know about these fibers here!

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All you need to know about pyrenean wool

Former source of economic wealth of the Pyrenees, then abandoned resource , and lately, revalorized raw material , the wool of the Pyrenees has a rich and sinuous history. And yet, this story remains unknown, as well as the breeds producing this wool as well as the qualities and virtues intrinsic to the wool of the Pyrenees.

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The France Terre Textile label

Maison Izard is labeled France Terre Textile! Driven by our desire to engage in textile relocation, to promote local production and to preserve local jobs and resources, we are proud to be among more than 150 players greatly contributing to the revival of made in France!

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