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How to wash and take care of a wool sweater?

Taking care of wool clothing can be a real headache! Here are some simple and effective care tips that will help you maintain your wool jumpers, hats and socks over time !

How to aerate a woolen garment?

It is not necessary to wash your wool sweaters every time you wear them, wool being a living material, it is self-regenerating. So, you can even reduce your water and electricity bills !

Aerate your sweater between 24 and 48 hours in fresh air or in a room with an open window. In contact with oxygen, the wool will release all its impurities and odors. And no, your hygiene is not questionable, your sweater will smell clean!

How to wash a wool sweater?

Good news, all of our woolen items are machine washable!

To avoid early pilling, due to friction with the drum, we advise you to turn your clothes before putting them in the machine.

You don't know which program to use for your wool sweater? We advise you to select a delicate program or a short cycle (20 minutes) between 20 and 30 degrees maximum , with a slow rpm, between 400 and 600 rpm .

When it comes to drying, it's best to dry your garment flat on a towel . Do not put it on a hanger or on a drying rack, this will prevent it from deforming with the weight of the water. Then, dry it away from any direct heat source (radiator, fireplace, etc.).

Last bit of advice, you can put your sweater in a cover or a washing net so that it doesn't wander around in the drum. If you don't have one, you can also use a pillowcase.

How to iron a woolen garment?

If you have dried it flat, your sweater should be ready to wear. However, if you still want to iron it, here are our tips:

  • Turn your clothes inside out before ironing them
  • Iron with warm iron so as not to burn the fibres
  • Use steam to smooth them out more easily

How can I avoid pilling of my woolen pieces?

Pilling is a natural process that diminishes over time. Pilling occurs mainly in areas of friction. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this phenomenon, which is specific to certain natural materials and does not depend on their quality, but rather on the short fibers that intermingle when rubbed. These fibers disappear and/or harden after several washes. We recommend a few simple rules to avoid this phenomenon as much as possible:

  • Do not remove the pilling by hand as this will weaken the fibers of the garment
  • Carefully use a standard razor or an electric "anti-pilling" razor to shave off small pills.

Roman's tip

For a natural moth repellent, place a piece of cedar wood in your wardrobe.

Now you have all the keys to take care of your woolen clothes in the best way possible.