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Our sustainable sales

The sales: between reason and overconsumption

Sales, private sales, permanent promotions… It can be complicated to understand that brands, in the era of sobriety and the fight against overconsumption, continue to offer such practices. However, concerning sales, the original principle was rather virtuous and beneficial both for brands and for consumers while having a less significant impact on the environment than the sales we know nowadays.

Originally, the sales were based on a very simple principle aimed at supporting local businesses by allowing them to empty their stocks to make room for future collections, to limit storage and destruction costs – and therefore to avoid waste – and freeing up cash to finance future investments (new products, expansion of a storage area, recruitment of new employees, etc.).

And this virtuous system for the brands was also for the consumers. Indeed, consumers could benefit from advantageous prices on pieces that they might not have been able to afford at the original price, thus avoiding garments to be discarded or destroyed.

Based on this observation, we could tell that the sales are beneficial both from the point of view of consumers and brands, except that...

Except that the sales have gradually moved away from their initial purpose to become a formidable vector of sales for brands, tempting offers for consumers, but also a terrible reflection of overconsumption and waste, gradually damaging our planet. The proliferation of reduction operations throughout the year (private sales, privilege sales, etc.) has also led to the reduction of the primary meaning of the sales by reducing them to a purely mercantile purpose.

So how can we give meaning to the sales? How can we rediscover the original purpose of the sales without giving into the sirens of overconsumption?

Sustainable sales: our vision of sales

At Maison Izard, we want to show you that you are an actor of your consumption, it is thanks to you that the sales will find their primary purpose. Inspired by the principle of WeDressFair 's free sales, we offer you, on the occasion of our very first sales, from June 26 to July 23, to choose your percentage discount between 0 and 15% on the entire collection by explaining to you what these reductions generate for us, and give you the choice of the discount that you think is the fairest to respect the triptych: brand, customer and environment .

Here is our vision of the sales:

  • You choose not to apply a reduction: you allow us to continue our growth by supporting a local wool industry , and therefore a network of partners anchored in their territory. You also allow us to give life to our next collections while developing new products that are ever more respectful of the environment and manufactured less than 200 km from Pau (made in France power!). Employment in the regions is of paramount importance to us, by not choosing not to apply a reduction, you allow us to develop employment in the region thanks to the recruitment of new talents. Thanks to this choice, you allow us to develop our digital presence and introduce Maison Izard to more and more people! Last but not least, because we know how important it is for you to try on a garment before buying it, you allow us to develop our store in Pau and expand our distribution network so that you can find Maison Izard closer to you.
  • You choose to apply a 5% reduction with the code SOLDES5 (code to be inserted at the time of payment): you allow us to give life to our next collections and to develop ever more local and environmentally friendly products while developing our digital presence to make Maison Izard known to more and more people (Béarn will cross borders!).
  • You choose to apply a 10% reduction with the code SOLDES10 (code to be inserted at the time of payment): you allow us to continue to develop our store in Pau and our distributor networks of while continuing to forge partnerships with players premises .
  • You choose to apply a 15% reduction with the code SOLDES15 (code to be inserted at the time of payment): you allow us to empty our shelves to bring in the new products of the next seasons and therefore your next favorites!

We hope that you will be sensitive to our approach and that we will be able to continue to develop the future of Maison Izard and responsible fashion with you! Go here to take advantage of our responsible sales!