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The Iris Cardigan Rust - French Wool

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The Iris is a long, unbuttoned cardigan knitted in seed stitch. Ideal for mid-season, it is soft, warm and breathable. Elegant and timeless, it has 2 side pockets and will match all your outfits.

  • Design: Pau (64)
  • Wool Origin: Pyrenees
  • Spinning: Brassac (81)
  • Manufacture: Burlats (81)


  • Wide collar
  • Rice Point
  • Gauge 5
  • Long cut
  • Leather label marked Maison Izard
  • 2 side pockets
  • Autumn - Spring


    • 50% French pyrenean wool
    • 30% Recycled polyamide
    • 20% Recycled cotton

      How to take care of it

      • We advise you to wash your wool product once or twice per season.

      • On the other hand, you can air it out for 24 to 48 hours in the fresh air. or in a room with an open window, thanks to its natural properties, wool regenerates on contact with oxygen to release its impurities and odors.

      • If washing, we advise you to wash your piece inside out and ideally in a net. With a short and/or delicate program between 20 and 30°C maximum and a spin between 400 and 600 rpm . We do not recommend cold washing because too cold water can felt the wool.

      • Concerning drying, it is preferable to dry your garment flat on a towel, not near a source of direct heat such as: radiator, fireplace.

        Discover all our other tips for caring for wool clothing here: How to maintain wool clothing?

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